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Resolutions for 2015

Il etait une fois une petite fille qui s’appellait Layinka…

I would like to make myself a couple of promises and keep to them. Having glanced at my past posts, and remembered the effort I put daily into immersing myself in Chinese. One of the secrets to keeping on track was keeping a Diary. That was the goal and remains the goal of this blog. My life up until 2012 was similar to that of a student’s. I went to work and in my spare time I worked on Chinese. Fast forward to 2013, my life has been that of a ‘wife’… I get home… too tired to do anything. Now its 2014, and the situation is somewhat worse. Having been blessed with a bouncing baby girl in January 2014, changed countries three times and dealt with my husband’s job hunting career… things are a little bit overwhelming. I guess ‘life’ really starts at this point. Now I have to learn how to manage and balance the different yet exciting aspects of my life while never keeping my eye off  what matters to me as an individual and as a part of my ‘new family’.

So what are my wishes for 2015?

I wish to get back to learning Chinese on a ‘regular’ basis. I wish to work on my Portuguese on a daily basis.



My fuzzy Goals?

My daughter is Brazilian and because of this I have made learning Portuguese my priority. So the content of my subsequent posts will be from the perspective of a language learner who is also a mum….

My goals are: Learn Portuguese, in order to transmit it to my daughter.

Learn Chinese for myself and develop a language learning system.


Having redefined my goals, I now have to write down a couple of SMART Objectives…. Stay tuned.


Eu sou brasileira…

It has been a while since I posted anything.  I hope that despite the absence you are all finding this blog useful. 

I am currently far from learning any Chinese. I am currently learning Portuguese simply because I am currently in Brazil and will be there for a couple more months. Unlike learning Chinese I am not passionate about Brazilian Portuguese however if you want to go about doing your business you have NO CHOICE but to learn it 🙂 I must say that being fluent in French and understanding Spanish make understanding Portuguese much easier. I do wonder if anybody out there would be interested in this portuguese learning chapter of my life. 😀 


In the meantime I wish you all Feliz Natal and a happy New Year. 

Take care

The online version of Issue 13 of Dog’s World Magazine is now OUT.  To view it, click on:

Dog’s World is a free magazine that is published in Nigeria, West Africa for Dog lovers.

Issue 13 Dog's world

E-Dog’s World Magazine

The E-version of the magazine I have been working on. We did our best (design ads, interview, transcribe, research, and so on). It was a little hectic at times but at least we are finished with the production/publishing stage and have started the distribution stage. Distribution to Lagos, Nigeria is finished. Abuja and Port Harcourt will be done at a later date.

Dog’s world 

PS. please ignore spelling mistakes or typos, or anything to do with grammar. I am not proud to say that no final proofreading was done. I hope to find one for the next issue.
In the meantime, I will jump back into the GMAT and call it a day (60 days later). 😀

As of September 2012, all magazines were delivered and we have run out. 🙂  Unfortunately/fortunately phase two has started, no rest for the wicked.

My absence is appalling, my current baby has taken so much of my time, I miss listening and reading Chinese!!! Well, I thought I’d reveal the end result of my absence.

Introducing the 2012 issue of Dog’s world Magazine.

The Mag was ready in March but we (3 people team) went through hell and back to ensure that it was properly done. My only regret is not being able to find a proofreader (gasp!) I know. The errors pop out like Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress, all I can say is that the next issue will be more professional and OUT in March.

Guess what I am already working on the next issue while struggling with the distribution of the current one… That said!!! I love dogs, and it was a joy working on this issue.

60 delivered, 3940 remaining (a mixture of door-to-door and distribution at events in Lagos). <–soon to be replaced with the new site, so watch this space.

Dog’s World Magazine is published by the ROSIJI FOUNDATION (an NGO), through our Canine Welfare Programme which aims to inform, educate and enlighten the Nigerian public on all issues pertaining to the responsible ownership of dogs — both as pets and as working animals.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Dog's World Magazine issue 12

Dog’s World Magazine has arrived