He who depends on himself will attain the greatest happiness Chinese proverb

Why do people learn a foreign/second language?

According to Nada Salem Abisamra’s research, people learn a second language to:

  1. fulfill school or university requirements
  2. increase job opportunities and salary potential
  3. develop intercultural sensitivity, increasing global understanding
  4. improve critical and creative thinking skills
  5. improve one’s education
  6. enhance travel and study abroad opportunities
  7. Enjoy literature and films in their original version
  8. increase understanding of people in own country
  9. gain social power (prestige)
  10. Please one’s parents.

According to the site Omniglot:

Reasons for learning a language include:

  1. emigration
  2. secret communication
  3. getting in touch with your roots
  4. food
  5. challenging yourself
  6. sounds or looks good to me
  7. one language is never enough
  8. to better understand the rest of humankind
  9. learning songs in other languages

According to http://www.brighthub.com/education/languages/articles/21704.aspx, when choosing a language and learning it,  remember one thing: “Whatever you choose, invest your best in it, give it your very best shot, as this is YOUR life, and the rewards that flow from learning YOUR new language will flow to YOU, for the rest of your life!” 


Before you start, define your reasons for learning Khmer, Wolof or Yoruba’. Then, as time progresses and your language proficiency improves, add more reasons to your list, use/hear it as much as you can and be happy with your choice.