Here is a list of programmes that I have found helpful, I will update this list anytime I find something new and fascinating. So please come back and have a look. If you know of any great programmes then leave your comments and  I will add them to the list. If your programme is language specific it does not matter, I will add it anyway and start a post for language specific gadgets/programmes. So please share! share! share!

Anki – Learn with flash cards with audio. GREAT way to learn vocabulary.

Byki – Great way to start a language and learn the basics.

Zon  is a multiplayer game that teaches you the Chinese language and culture. Some useful stuff!! Like what to dial in case of a fire, and other random useful stuff if you count on living in China。 Personally,you need to know a little bit of Chinese to start。 I will be trying it out again some time soon。 My name is Lanyin on Zon.

Chinesetimesschool  practise character writing on their site. ( French site for Chinese learners).