There are several ways of immersing yourself in your chosen language.

Listen to music  – itunes has many radio stations from all over the world.  Radiostationworld, Live-Radio, Mike’s radio

Take lessons – structure is everything. online lessons, FSI language courses.

Watch TV in your target language

For intermediate learners: Read your news, books in your target language

For Beginners: Read books for children. Chinese4kids, games2learnchinese

Watch filmsmysoju, Cdrama,Chinese movies, Asizia, CCTV for Kids, viki

Talk to yourself in xxxxx

Most importantly engage in listening to and watching dramas in your language on a daily basis. I realise that I have been rambling on about routine and repetition but successful language learning in my opinion depends on consistency and time. If you could dedicate 30 minutes per day on your language for at least 3 months, then 6 months and then a year, you will become comfortable and fluent. As a native speaker of your own language you think and breathe in your language for at least 10 hours a day. 30 minutes is definitely feasible.

Q. How do you plan to immerse yourself?