Passionate, generous female, 28, seeks a Mandarin speaking Jewish man, 30 -40 years with a more than positive cash flow living in Hawaii.

Anything is possible, the cyber world has enough space for everyone ( I think)!

When looking for language buddies, I would suggest you find native speakers of your target language who would love to learn your native language.

Another suggestion is finding native speakers of your language who also want to learn your target language.

In other words, if you are a Dutch speaker and you want to learn Tagalog, then I would suggest you find Tagalog speakers wanting to learn Dutch, as well as Dutch speakers who want to learn Tagalog. If your fellow language compatriot is a stone’s throw from your town then why not meet up physically on a regular basis?shared

Nothing beats having a language partner and building a relationship based on a shared passion.

However, I am not a fan of language groups but it is also a good idea to start one.

In my case I’d be looking for English or French native speakers who are learning Chinese or/and Japanese as well as Chinese or/and Japanese speakers learning English. (I am not a fan of teaching French).

Q. So where do you find these language buddies?