Basically, I can tell you in English everything I learned, I can tell you the words I learned, I recognise them when they are spoken. All the way up to chapter 10 of our Japanese school book. From Chapter 11 onwards, everything is blank. Why? I changed methods and started rote learning, started memorising, and sure I was a good student with a 82% average but everything stops there. I can’t express myself without turning the whole experience into a mathematical problem. I now really understood how a lot of my Chinese school mates from mainland China succeeded in written English and were very rigid when it came to spoken English. Thus confirming that when you are learning a language you are essentially learning at least 2 ways of communicating; written communication and oral communication.

Seeing as my weakness is often sticking too close to the written word and believing deep down inside that the only way to feel like I am improving my language learning experience is by writing and reading and so on and not trusting my hearing. A change needs to be made! My emphasis will be on listening and developing the auditory learner in me, in doing so I will become more eco-friendly too. non?

Now the way we were taught in Japanese class, is the way in which I was taught Spanish at GCSEs level. That method worked for me. Whenever I thought about Spanish,  learnt it through English and I would relate Spanish to Latin and never to French. I am not sure why I never consciously linked it to French but I remember that I would always refer to my Latin books. At GCSEs level I had already completed four years of Latin and continued with Latin until AS level. (A total of six years of Latin).

Since we are talking about Latin, I must thank Mrs. Crotchett who taught me at Godstowe Preparatory School (Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom) for introducing me to Latin at the age of ten and thoroughly enjoying it with her. I would also like to thank her soooooo much for also driving me and helping me choose my secondary schools, Roedean. A Great Lady!!! I always think about her and the fact that we both thought that one of the most beautiful verbs in Latin was appropinquare, which means to approach.

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