Today would have been my best friend’s and sister’s birthday.

One cannot begin to describe who she was and who she will remain to be in our hearts.

One thing is for sure you believed in living life to its fullest.

One thing is for sure we thank your parents for bringing you to this world.

I thank my parents because without them we would not have been sent to the same school.

I thank our love for lacrosse, netball, and Parisian boys, without these daily activities we would not be who we are Today.

I thank my mother for my Nigerian nationality because we were able to meet up during the holidays.

Life is not easy but life is also what you make it.

So this letter is not just for you Anana, it is also meant for all those that made you you and all those that can relate or will soon be able to relate to your story.

You are what I can’t explain but when I feel it, I start singing The hills are alive with the sound of music

You always laughed at me when I did that, I hope you will continue laughing every time I break into a song!

That is what you are to me ma belle

Now that your seat in life is vacant, I hope you won’t mind some of us taking it one day at a time.

Yours was a bright light you know, it is only natural.

27 Nov 1983 – 30 May 2011