Mikey came into our lives … I can’t even remember if it was in 2009 or 2010.

This boy is rotten and why I can’t remember his age is because he has not matured.

Some say it is due to the size of his cranium others say it is because he resembles a goat.

I think it is because he is the second youngest in the family and that is why his naughty behaviour remains.

So what is it about Mikey that warrants such bad press?

Well every once in a while I’ll update you with the adventures of Mikey in Lagos, Nigeria and YOU will understand why sometimes you just cannot feel sorry for him.

That said, I love him to bits, I love his singing, and I love his aloofness and I thank Afghanistan for this beautiful dog who came to us with lots of trouble from Russia.

The Afghan hound is a must!