I came across this song by

A-mei  called Wo Yao Kuai Le

(I can’t take it anymore, I need you now!). Well that is the way I understand the title of the song.

Correction: It’s the fourth week of Chinese and from what I have learnt, the title means I want happiness.

I underlined what I could already read or recognise, I am not doing any translation just decoding the sounds. Then of course I’ll sing along with Amei and little by little build my reading skills that way. I will be learning vocabulary and meaning during my lessons and learning character recognition and  sounds while singing and learning love songs.

I hope to upload this song on my Youtube page in the near future.


Here are some of the lyrics:


you bei ai shang le yi bian

无所谓 当作

wu suo wei dang zuo cheng chang

刚刚走开的人 烟还点着 味道却淡

gang gang zou kai de ren yan huan dian zhao wei dao que dan le

 我不是天生爱寂寞 却任何人都多

wo bing bu shi tian sheng ai ji mo que bi ren he ren du duo

就算世界给我 我是一无所

……………………………………… and so on.