Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back

The week has gone by and I am really taking it one day at a time. I try not to move on until I am used to the lessons I am learning. I am still on the Survival phrases level on Chineseclass101. I have completed 46/60 lessons, so one could say that the end is near. I advance verrrry slowly when I come across vocabulary I have never heard before or grammar structures that I do not know. Seeing as I am at the beginning of my language learning journey, it is going to be an uphill struggle at the speed of a snail.

Do I mind? It depends, I like going through things very quickly so this can be seen as a frustration but I don’t feel it as such. I am moving forward ‘petit a petit’ and what is more my ears REALLY prick up when I listen to Chinese audio or watch Chinese films and I recognise sentences or words. One minute am just listening passively and the next minute my ears go ‘Ah ha’.

I know that it will take me at least six months of my current routine before feeling it in my blood.

Chineseclass has five levels within the first level called: Absolute Beginners. I am about to complete Survival phrase (lvl 1), I have already completed and will review Abs Beginners season 1, and maybe I will complete Abs Beginners season 2 and 3 in January. I really wish I could go faster faster but I need to cool down and understand that this is a language and not a subject.

Still nothing on the writing front. Once I get bitten by the Hanzi bug, I know I will learn to write at least 100 characters, I am just waiting for that boost of energy. In the meantime I am recording the Hanzi visually. I don’t know whether I am going too slowly, or at an average pace but I do know that I am waiting for that ‘Eureka’ moment when everything just makes sense oh so naturally.


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