It is almost the end of the week and I have not made a week 5 entry. On the one hand I could blame christmas and then tomorrow I can blame the new year festivities for slowing me down. 😀 I would rather own up and just say again that I have not accomplished what I wanted to accomplish for this week. In concrete terms, I wanted to complete the season two of absolute beginners level of Chinese101. I was not able to do that, instead I completed ten out of 25 lessons. I am trying to understand why I did not complete at least 1/3 of the lessons.

Going back to complete the survival phrases season (equivalent of level 0) made it easier for me  to learn and understand the level 2 season of Abs beginners. It gave me a humble foundation to build on. I have not used ‘Anki’ for two weeks and I think that has contributed to the delay. My plan for today and the weekend is to review all my lessons (from the beginning to the present) and create flashcards with Anki. My subscription with Chinese101  has a flashcard option but I prefer making my version with Anki. Creating dialogues for the Layinka learns Chinese series is great and time consuming. I am learning how to teach which is great but I have to learn how to learn too. I think that the  Layinka learns Chinese series will come to an end after completing season one to four of Absolute beginners. I have created approximately 20 episodes and will stop at 30-60 episodes.

I have been asked about the Japanese version, I don’t know if I will create a cartoon for Japanese and if I do, you will know about it in March 2012.

Take care