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From China, to India, to Nigeria…

Mass migration in the internet age is changing the way that people do business 

The Economist article on the growing financial clout of diasporas from China, India and Nigeria and the role of the modern means of communicating with each other.

Multiple identities are natural. Citizenship laws should catch up

The Economist article on multiple citizenship

Immigrant networks are a rare bright spark in the world economy. Rich countries should welcome them

The Economist article on diasporas

My two cents on immigrants in France

The Economist article on the thorny issue of working immigrants. I am slightly disconnected from what is happening in the UK, but I do know that France is definitely doing everything to target and get rid of its Legal immigrants. As for its illegal immigrants, France is working towards getting rid of more than 20,000 per year. However, unless you read correct Newspapers or listen to proper radio stations you won’t know that more than 80% of these deportation cases occur in what they call ‘Outre-mer’ that is oversees territories that are considered French territory, countries that never did become independent. Number one French department for deportations is Mayotte, a beautiful island with a Muslim majority off the East coast of Africa and to the North west of Madagascar. Followed by Martinique and Guadeloupe.

The other thing to also remember is that France is approaching its 2012 presidential elections and so what happens? Immigrants are the usual suspects and suddenly all immigrants are passed off as asylum seekers, social security burdens, polygamists and so on. I am particularly sad for Algerians who I feel have  been put at the bottom of the hierarchy of immigrants. The worst part is that I feel that the Algerians they are targeting in ‘dangerous neighbourhoods’ are in fact second, third, fourth generation Algerians. Which means what? You’ve left everything behind, your family has been in France for the last three generations and because you still look brown we will doubt that you are in fact French a part entiere.

Anyway I am also fully aware that this is a problem anywhere that is ‘White’ with a coloured minority. 50 years ago, the coloured majority were central and southern Europeans going to France as workers.  Now that they are a part of the European Union, they are tolerated in France and the UK, as for the rest, well I think we are all aware of the drill. I am not a fan of people not doing their research and happy to accept such half-truths while European governments are selling their countries’ souls to banks. However now that the EU is negotiating a possible win-win (not!) way of selling their souls to China, I think it is about time Western Europeans start learning a thing or two about the Chinese culture.

For your Info

This is a rant from the point of view of a West/Central African who was colonised by both the French and British a generation ago and still feels the power France has over her fatherland. She is positive about the future of Africa and not so positive about the future of France’s actions on Africa; is a pseudo immigrant in France and hopes to one day live in North America to see if the grass is greener on the other side – the Chinese diaspora is definitely an attraction – and maybe naturalise.