I couldn’t agree more with Camille about the limits of audio lessons:

First Impression: Audio lessons.

My wish is to be able to recognise vocabulary and use new vocabulary and sentences correctly. However, I am very bad at recalling dialogues and worse at recalling vocabulary…

Right now (现在) I am still stuck on Abs beginners season 2, there are five lessons left and I hope to get through them today (今天)so that tomorrow(明天)I can concentrate on listening to the last three seasons I have completed. In other words, the goal for this week is to review all lessons in all three seasons.

My method so far has been largely passive, I do imagine certain scenarios but I think the time (时候)has come to write down (写) and create dialogues for myself and record personal dialogues.

The task: to create dialogues。

The diaologues will be between person A and person B. The idea is to record the dialogue in Chinese and then in English. Maybe and probably use Anki and have all Questions in English (英语) with the answers in Chinese, then vice versa, all Questions in Chinese and then all answers in English followed by a last version all Q&A in English and I just have to answer at this point the answer will be available in Hanzi (汉字). What am I essentially trying to do? I am trying to activate my spoken Chinese and hear myself speak Mandarin. This will be an interesting exercise because I’ll be able to compare my tones objectively.

I worry that this exercise will take too long. That’s why I am hesitating about using Anki for this. Maybe I should just record the dialogues in Audacity and then save it all in my mp3 player. Who knows?

Looking at what I hoped to achieve in January, I am a little behind schedule, and will pick up the pace by finding a comfortable routine that won’t be disrupted by the addition of Japanese to my learning routine.

Without going outside, you may know the whole world!  -Chap. 47, DaoDeJing. Lao Zi [Lao Tze]

The above quote pretty sums up what I aim to achieve with this blog.

This blog is my window to the world.

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