I was looking for Chinese language texts to read as a way to learn and understand characters as well as pick up some culture.

I found the San Zi Jing

‘The San Zi Jing was written in the 13th century to instruct children in the basics of Confucian principles, history, philosophy, and to brain wash them into working hard and striving to do their best. It is attributed to Wang Yinlin ( 1223-1296), a noted scholar of the Song dynasty. It was used as we use Grimm or perhaps the Little Golden Books; as a basic primer for pre-literate children’.

What is it about?

‘The San Zi Jing provided a chain of culture and knowledge that linked centuries of children. The children most often learned the San Zi Jing before they could even read a character. Even if the child did not become a scholar, they knew the basics of the culture and were instructed in filial piety, the need to work hard, and a respect for the classics. Even today, children in China read and learn from the San Zi Jing’.

The translation, hanzi and pinyin are all available. I don’t know how I’ll use this resource but it seems like something to do to train my reading skills. My tailored lessons train my comprehension skills, I now need to find something to train my speaking skills on a regular basis. I am thinking that I should sit down and find a long term Chinese language exchange partner. Will see how that goes.