The list of posts for January 2012 is in reverse chronology.

Scroll down and read from the bottom up.  Enjoy!

Apprendre le japonais en autodidacte

A post in French for self-learners of Japanese written by Jeremy.

Week 8 of 中文. How to learn a language?

Week 8 of my Chinese learning Diary.

Africans in Asia, finding a place to call home

A news article about Africans living in Asia.

World of Warcraft style language tool, a Godsend? Yes!

Role playing games as a language learning tool.

Cindy Chen 朋友 sung by Layinka

Music. Audio recording of me singing a song called Pengyou by Cindy Chen.

Why learning Chinese is hard, Not!

A few things you should know about Chinese.

San Zi Jing

Text for Chinese kids to teach them values.

Week 7 of 中文 1/2。What is your learning style?

Week 7 of 中文 2/2。What is your learning style?

Week 7 of my Chinese learning Diary.

Week 6 of 中文

Week 6 of my Chinese learning Diary.

Generation No More, Nigerians take a stand!

News post about Nigerians and the reasons behind the January 2012 nation wide strike.

Mass migration in the internet age is changing the way that people do business

a collection of news articles on mass migration plus my opinion.

Hunchback of Notre Dame – sung by Layinka

Music. My audio version of Esmeralda’s song, God save the Outcasts.