Tail chasing dog or dog chasing tail?

Oh my! the 11th week has flown by and here I am cramming and trying to do as much as possible in 2 days. Well, seems like I am going to have to wait until next week.

A break down of this week:

I leave for work at 8 a.m. and come back home around 6 p.m. This week was a difficult one for two reasons. First of all, I spent a nightmarish week battling with a defensive colleague and I should have seen the signs earlier. His main goal was to sabotage the work that needed to be done and then frustrate me. He did not frustrate me completely but he did achieve one thing, he side tracked me from the stuff I want to do for myself. I did get the work done but what did I do for myself? After a long day of inefficiency and head banging the office walls, I come back home tired. The Sun is making his way to the Americas and our electricity provider cuts the power.

These are the little things in life that I got in the way and I let them get in the way.  YEAH to that!!

Moral of the story:

On trying:

Try not to let things get in the way. If you mess up a week, try again. If you mess up another week, just try again. Don’t stop, always try.

On chasing your own tail:

Don’t waste your energy on someone or things or emotions that just cannot be changed. If you must, then limit it (wasting your time) to 20 minute sessions per day so that you can move on. I think that that will teach you to be brief.

Helpful site:

In the meantime, I found a helpful little site that should help anyone get far in their learning experience. My book has become too difficult and this is very helpful.

I am using resources that you may or may not have therefore I am adding this site to my learning mix and I will share with you my weekly progress as well as the lessons completed. I actually enjoy this site and the grammar sections are truly helpful and a lot of thought was put into the lessons.