The E-version of the magazine I have been working on. We did our best (design ads, interview, transcribe, research, and so on). It was a little hectic at times but at least we are finished with the production/publishing stage and have started the distribution stage. Distribution to Lagos, Nigeria is finished. Abuja and Port Harcourt will be done at a later date.

Dog’s world 

PS. please ignore spelling mistakes or typos, or anything to do with grammar. I am not proud to say that no final proofreading was done. I hope to find one for the next issue.
In the meantime, I will jump back into the GMAT and call it a day (60 days later). 😀

As of September 2012, all magazines were delivered and we have run out. 🙂  Unfortunately/fortunately phase two has started, no rest for the wicked.