About the blog

This blog is all about learning Chinese – then later Japanese – from scratch using Chineseclass101 lessons as my foundation. The online subscription gives my learning routine a structure and the vocabulary they give you access to is quite modern but also doable as opposed to the vocabulary found in language book series like Assimil that take a while to absorb because the level is just too high to start with. Blogging is a way of staying motivated and showing you that it is possible.

Writing is a very important part of Chinese but my  priority is understanding and reading. I would like to recommend the following book for learning Hanzi because it has really changed my approach to written Chinese. The authors of the book are Alison Matthews and Lawrence Matthews and it is called Remember the 800 most basic Chinese (Tuttle).

I would not recommend you get a chineseclass 101 subscription, with time I’ll be able to give you better feedback. I do feel that their Japanese lessons are much better better quality and more thorough (there are several seasons per level, double or maybe triple what the Chinese version has available. As for the new languages in the series, Je ne sais pas. If you are looking for the usual method for learning a language then try FSI.

About me

My greatest fear is to die before attempting to learn these fascinating languages. 

To each his own fear!