Dear readers,

I would like to make this blog  friendly to my visually impaired readers, any feedback will be welcome and I’ll see how I can adapt this blog to your needs。I believe it is best to start now with you in mind than later。


About Me

My name is Layinka.

There are many things I have always wanted to do, writing, learning  Chinese and Japanese are a major part of my to-learn list.

My first language is French (my father’s tongue), my second language and dominant language is English (my mama’s tongue). Having lived nine years in Great Britain and six years in France, I think  I am fully bilingual.

My primary school was in French (in an anglophone country), prep to secondary school was in English in the UK and university was in English in France.

I now live between France and Nigeria.

I was looking for a way to share my passions:  Asian languages, culture and music.

In 2009, I spent my birthday in Kosovo and told my grandmother all about it, Mamani (my gran) suggested  I practise my writing skills.

So here I am, me writing and you reading. I hope you  will enjoy this plot of land in cyberspace.

My greatest fear is to die before attempting to learn these fascinating languages. 

To each his own fear!

A trace of my trip to Mitrovica, Kosovo (in French).

About the blog