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My Albino love

Three albino Chinese boys adopted by an American family.

“In China, children with albinism face a bleak future. Often abandoned and ostracized, most will never be educated, marry or find a job in their country. Adoption offers hope for a chosen few.

Kim Anderson was facing an empty nest and looking for a way to do more to serve God when a photo of a Chinese orphan caught her eye. “That’s our child,” she thought. Now eight years later, Kim and her husband, Steve, have adopted four special needs children. The three boys have albinism.

Ironically, the same rare condition that stigmatized the boys individually in China, reinforces their brotherhood in the United States. Elijah, Paul and Micah’s snow white hair and pigmentless skin, create the appearance of a biological connection. Despite their age difference, people often mistake them for triplets. What may be shocking and novel on one child is normalizing on all three.

Virginian-Pilot staff photographer Preston Gannaway spent the last year documenting the Andersons as they prepared for and welcomed Micah into their family.”

Watch their story.

Interview with albino model Diandra Forrest


Adopting Chinese Babies in Guangzhou, China

Model Shaun Ross

Connie Chiu, a collection of her modelling work



Nigerian lifestyle magazines

Looking for a lifestyle magazine?

Why don’t you have a look at Nigeria’s lifestyle magazines:  ARISE and Genevieve

Food for thought

Dance is music for the soul.

Could you imagine the US, French, North Korean armies recruiting like this?

I say, only in Africa!



I was busy spring cleaning parts of my computer hard drive when I found this article. I thought I would share this happy story about an Ethiopian family living in Xiamen ( 2009) as well a not so happy story about Ethiopians in Kyrgystan (2012). In my opinion both stories exude courage and hope.

Article from the ChinaAfrica paper December 2009

Kyrgyzstan – the Ethiopians by Andrew Dickinson

Nigeria's youth against fuel subsidy removal

Muslims praying while Christians watch over them. Abuja.

I should have left Paris for Lagos this morning. I changed my flight ticket and will be leaving end of January. Aeroports are shut down, many major roads are blocked.The country will soon come to a standstill. The only real activity for now is rioting.

I completely agree with this reaction to our government’s nonsense decision. It is not possible to double the cost of the average Nigerians’ living standards without the people’s consent. I could not agree more with Seun Kuti.

Seun Kuti’s Afro beat music