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你会说什么? What do you speak?              西班牙语. Spanish/Castillian

普通话. Mandarin. Putonghua                      印地语. Hindi

Cultural information


There are different languages in China. When we refer to the Chinese language (as non Chinese speakers) we often mean Putonghua which is spoken in mainland China. Another Chinese language that is important to know about is Cantonese.


There are different languages in India. There is no such thing as the Indian language, Hindi is one of the major languages of India. Urdu is also spoken in India.


No offense to Mexicans or other hispanophones, I am just trying to differentiate between the different languages spoken in Spain and the fact that when we refer to Spanish we are in fact talking about Castillan Spanish.


I have a feeling that the Chinese do not differentiate between the English as a people and the British people. I think it would be interesting to read literature about the British during the 18th century from a Chinese perspective.

I am interested in British imperialism from a Chinese perspective. For those of you that have read or studied this topic, could you recommend a book or two? 




不好意思。 Excuse me。

这儿有。。。?  Is there。。。?      不客气。You’re welcome

在那儿。Over there。                            不用谢。 You’re welcome。

 多谢 。  Thank you(very formal)

医院。 Hospital

洗手间。 Washroom

饭馆。 Restaurant

The rest of the series will be available here in soon.


饿。 Hungry

饭馆。 Restaurant

吃。 To eat

中国菜。 Chinese cuisine


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北京人。 a person from Beijing        印度人。 Indian                人 PERSON

中国人。Chinese national                   巴基斯坦人。 Pakistani

呢日利亚人。 Nigerian national        英国人。British

外国人。 Foreign person                    墨西哥人。 Mexican