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E-Dog’s World Magazine

The E-version of the magazine I have been working on. We did our best (design ads, interview, transcribe, research, and so on). It was a little hectic at times but at least we are finished with the production/publishing stage and have started the distribution stage. Distribution to Lagos, Nigeria is finished. Abuja and Port Harcourt will be done at a later date.

Dog’s world 

PS. please ignore spelling mistakes or typos, or anything to do with grammar. I am not proud to say that no final proofreading was done. I hope to find one for the next issue.
In the meantime, I will jump back into the GMAT and call it a day (60 days later). 😀

As of September 2012, all magazines were delivered and we have run out. 🙂  Unfortunately/fortunately phase two has started, no rest for the wicked.


My absence is appalling, my current baby has taken so much of my time, I miss listening and reading Chinese!!! Well, I thought I’d reveal the end result of my absence.

Introducing the 2012 issue of Dog’s world Magazine.

The Mag was ready in March but we (3 people team) went through hell and back to ensure that it was properly done. My only regret is not being able to find a proofreader (gasp!) I know. The errors pop out like Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress, all I can say is that the next issue will be more professional and OUT in March.

Guess what I am already working on the next issue while struggling with the distribution of the current one… That said!!! I love dogs, and it was a joy working on this issue.

60 delivered, 3940 remaining (a mixture of door-to-door and distribution at events in Lagos). <–soon to be replaced with the new site, so watch this space.

Dog’s World Magazine is published by the ROSIJI FOUNDATION (an NGO), through our Canine Welfare Programme which aims to inform, educate and enlighten the Nigerian public on all issues pertaining to the responsible ownership of dogs — both as pets and as working animals.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Dog's World Magazine issue 12

Dog’s World Magazine has arrived

Personal Learning Log


Complete > 10 chapters in both Spanish and Chinese.

Complete all four MGMAT books. (RC, EQ, SC and WT).


Update progress table when possible.


1 & 2

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Reading Comprehen
Sentence Correction
Word Translation

Task for each week day:

One chapter from each GMAT book per day (IV).

One chapter from each language book per day (II).

Week 1: Weekend Review

Week 2: Mock exam for GMAT.

Mock listening  and oral Test for Spanish and Chinese.


TIP 1:

On, the general advice is to keep an error log. In their own words:

Be sure to track your errors. One of the most common mistakes that GMAT test takers make when preparing for the GMAT is that they do not spend time to track their performance on practice problems/tests.  It’s absolutely critical to keep a log of your errors in order to determine your strengths and weaknesses; this will allow you to tailor your GMAT prep to ensure to focus on the specific subjects where you need the most help.”

I have decided to apply this advice to my language learning experience as well as the GMAT preparation.

Do check out:

How To Learn From Your Errors article written by MGMAT. It is good to get the general idea and then apply some of their advice to your language learning approach.

TIP 2: Your success depends on how well you implement necessary changes and maintain those changes.

TIP 3: Don’t dwell on the past, just move on. Somedays you will not do anything, and on other days you will triple your efforts. My experience from revising for the GMAT has taught me that discipline and tracking your errors are key. My experience has also taught me that when working in a team, I thrive when I receive and give feedback. The GMAT and Chinese learning activities are activities that I undertake alone and I will now have to think of ways to say and receive well dones from myself. <— This must sound odd to some but it is something that I discovered and I think that if I can work on this, I will encounter fewer learning obstacles.





Blog Break – GMAT PREP

My thoughts

In an effort to organise my current life, I have taken a break from blogging and active Chinese learning. I just hope I won’t regret it. I am currently working on the GMAT which is the prerequisite for applying to Business school or simply doing a master’s degree. I have been procrastinating for a while but now my exam is down on paper.

On the 26th of April 2012, Inshallah, I will take the exam in PARIS PARIS and say goodbye to procrastination and hello to the beginning of another journey.

I could document this journey for those of you who may be interested . We shall see. I know that if I do document my 25 days to GMAT heaven, I will stay on track (well I sincerely hope so), and if I don’t I should forget about going to B-school.

In the meantime I will be between Paris (place of examination) and Nantes (my current home). Mid way through the month, I’ll move to Paris just to change environment and to stay on track.

All I know is that I can’t wait to get THIS out of the way and then concentrate on Chinese and Japanese while maybe preparing my essays. I don’t think I will make it for the HSK exam 🙂 grins… I may make it for the december session.

I wish you all a month free of procrastination and a Happy Easter of course.



MGMAT books (all 8),







Porn in the Workplace

Chinese learning after a 3 week hiatus…

Greetings to all and I apologize for the ‘break’. Actually I should be apologizing to myself more for not keeping my promise. A lot of things have happened and I really saw it coming. I chose not to stick to my routine and figured that once I’d be back in France, I’ll be able to get back to a decent pace of Chinese learning. Problem is, the work I was doing in Nigeria I have had to bring back and continue in France.

Now it is just a question of sitting down and making time for other things in my life.

In Nigeria I worked from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  I finished late by choice because sometimes I was enjoying myself and at other times I just had no choice. The work was time consuming and stressful. The two weeks were focused on interviewing veterinarian doctors for the next issue of Dog’s World (a dog magazine in Nigeria). What seemed like straight forward thing to do turned out to be a nightmare 3/4 of the time. I blame my ‘marketing supervisor’ for it.

Let’s just say that after the third week of mistakes that could have been avoided, I was really frustrated. I took a sneak peak at the contents of his computer’s history on the days that were particularly stressful. Low and behold, I discovered the parts of the reasons behind his mental absence.  He had been doing a lot of intensive research on Big Bootie on a particular BIG BOOTIE site. The man is as avid viewer and don’t get me started on the reading material he was attacking!!!!

Suffice to say, I reported this last week to the Managing Director and gave her the times and dates.  Yes, some of you might call be a party pooper, well POOP this: A lot of the short films he downloaded were on average 20MB for 6 minutes of Joy with some lady called something along the lines of Shaniqua…… Forgive me if I got the spelling of her name wrong but understand that attention to detail was the last thing I wanted to exercise….

So yes, if each film is on average 20MB and I saw 5GB of porn nonsence, that is a lot of viewing. He also seemed to have watched each one of the films too. On that particular frustrating Wednesday he had watched 5 films. ‘Now I understand the blank look he was giving me every time we asked him to do something’.

The second reason for his mental absence was the fact that he was getting married soon. (That was last weekend). Why does this matter? Well he did not come back to work this week, he did not leave a note, nothing. He just disappeared. He did his traditional wedding last weekend which means the Christian wedding is coming up soon and I dare not think of the unpleasant surprises he’ll have in store for us when that day comes.


Drama has no PLACE in the OFFICE.

Pornography has no place in the work place.

Have you ever had to go through this drama? Were you the one causing all the drama?

A recent scandal in India about watching porn during office hours.