Welcome Chinese language fans!

Several learning tools will soon be available on this blog. If you’d like to read this section in French/version francaise just click.

For visual learners (like myself) I will share with you the Layinka learns Chinese series comic strip.

Each one of my friends has his or her story to tell.

Little by little you will get to know each one of us better and hopefully we will get to know you too.


Home baked Chinese cookies:

Season 1  overview (flash)

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3  Sample lessons for your viewing.

For  language fans and visually impaired friends I will soon share with you personal podcasts with language learning tips and resources under the language learning category.

For avid readers (like myself 😀 ) of anything to do with languages and culture, I will write articles for you to read, enjoy and hopefully contribute to.

The most important thing I’d like you to understand is that this is a positive site. This is a site for those that want to spend more time doing than planning. My hope is to share with you this way of learning, my goal is to help you define what ‘fluency’ means to you and achieve it and a lot more. Everything and anything is possible. Please never ever feel discouraged because “learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”.

All about me here.