Learning to understand Chinese is one thing. Learning to read Chinese is another thing. Writing Chinese is time consuming, I have decided to cut that out of my Chinese learning diet and prioritising RECOGNITION over recalling and writing characters from memory. In a bid to race through this initial process of learning Chinese and getting to a higher level of language I will skip the writing for a good three months at least. 

Nonetheless, I have thought up ways of working on character recognition. One of those ways is simply creating flash cards with words that I know that contain the new character I want to learn. I match a flash card with the new Chinese character to a flash card with a word whose root contains the new Chinese character. I think this is known as making associations. Here I am associating single characters to a group of characters that are a part of a word. 

This seems to work so far. I am advancing in the learning, and not being slowed down by the Chinese character memorising exercise. I wonder what you think about doing this? 

As you can tell, learning is organic. It changes and changes and you really need to keep up with yourself 🙂