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Welcome to the first post of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each New Year I make new resolutions and each year I break some but not all. To me this is  a positive sign.

This year will be slightly different. I have decided that my priorities will be my relationship –  I will be seeing my other half once every three to four months for the next 18 months – and  blogging. Blogging for myself and blogging for a dog magazine. The latter is under construction.  I actually really enjoy this exercise, it is so far making me a better language student and a better thinker. I hope with time, my written language will improve.

My goals for 2012/2013:

  • Reach at least Intermediate level on Chineseclass101 course
  • Reach Beginners level on Japanese101 course
  • Create free e-books for my Homebaked Chinese Cookies series mid 2012
  • Create a free ‘something’ to share my Homebrewed Japanese Sake series end 2012
  • When in France, help my other half with renovating our house
  • Think about creating language teaching material in a fun and easy way, some free and some not
  • Sleep early and drink more wine

Q. What are your goals for 2012?