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Nigeria's youth against fuel subsidy removal

Muslims praying while Christians watch over them. Abuja.

I should have left Paris for Lagos this morning. I changed my flight ticket and will be leaving end of January. Aeroports are shut down, many major roads are blocked.The country will soon come to a standstill. The only real activity for now is rioting.

I completely agree with this reaction to our government’s nonsense decision. It is not possible to double the cost of the average Nigerians’ living standards without the people’s consent. I could not agree more with Seun Kuti.

Seun Kuti’s Afro beat music


Choosing a Chinese name

大家好! Hi everybody!

My name is Layinka, it is a Yoruba name (from West Africa).  我叫  Layinka…

With that in mind I have been thinking about my Chinese name. What should I be called?

Should it reflect my personality? Should it take into account my year and date of birth? Or should it simply be as close as possible to my Western African name.

I have chosen to go with the latter. My name Layinka means something like surrounded by wealth and my surname means something like stay amongst us, apparently we were fond of dying too soon.

After shopping around, I have settled on  Surname: Ning,  Given Name: Lan Ying  宁藍瑛 .


Lan Ying is also the name of a 16th century painter.

Lan (blue) is my favourite colour. 

Ning means: tranquil. 




Q.What do you think? Do you have a Chinese name?